Travel Jamaica: wellness & conscious tourism

Travel Jamaica: wellness & conscious tourism

By Tmrw.Tday

Travel Jamaica and you will quickly learn the island land has a mighty story to tell. Today, it teeters on the edge of rustically outdated and consciously progressive. It's the latter that companies like the Jamaican Tourist Board are looking to support and promote in a bid to make Jamaica - and Negril in particular - a sustainable tourist destination for years to come.

Describe the changes in Jamaica that have taken place in recent years? 

Jamaica is ever evolving and will continue to do so in order to keep offering the best possible experience for our visitors. The destination has certainly noticed the increasing importance of wellness options for those wanting to travel Jamaica, and has responded to this need in recent years with its fitness and culinary offerings. These offerings include our annual races, which draw participants from across the island and world to run in Reggae Marathon, held every December in Negril, Kingston City Run in March, MoBay City Run in May, Triathlons at Jakes on the South Coast, the Sagicor Sigma Corporate Run and many more. Jamaica has always had a strong commitment to holistic wellness and sustainability; we’re glad more travelers are interested in this and taking advantage of the island’s health-conscious and eco-friendly assets. Visitors can get a taste of our farm to table offerings at Stush in the Bush, an unmatched dining experience on a 15-acre organic farm where guests can pick the ingredients for their dinner salad, then join owners Lisa and Chris in the kitchen for a sustainable, vegetarian meal. Round Hill Hotel and Villas offers an award-winning dining experience with fresh, locally sourced ingredients from the resort’s organic garden. In fact, many of our hotels meet travelers’ wellness needs with healthy options at restaurants, as well as on-site yoga and fitness classes and rejuvenating spa treatments.

What is the biggest misconception travellers have about visiting Jamaica? 

People often don’t realize the diversity of the Jamaican product and how many different experiences are available here. We do have great beaches in Jamaica, and we want visitors to enjoy them, but the island has so much more to offer than that. We invite travelers to hike and bike in Jamaica’s Blue and John Crow Mountains, a UNESCO Prestigious World Heritage Site which happens to be the first mixed (cultural and natural site) in the Caribbean sub-region. They can also take in the energy of Kingston, designated a Creative City of Music by UNESCO and offering such gems as the Bob Marley Museum and newly opened Peter Tosh Museum, which honor some of reggae’s greatest legends. Travelers are encouraged to taste their way through Jamaica with coffee tours and culinary tours, like those offered by Falmouth Heritage Walks. Whatever the visitors’ interests, there is something for everyone to discover in Jamaica, along with our famously friendly and welcoming people.

What is the best hidden gem Negril has to offer?

Negril is the capital of casual here in Jamaica, making it a great spot for laid-back vacationers. We could never pick just one hidden gem, so we’d encourage visitors to eat at Murphy’s, jump off the cliffs at Rick’s Café, visit Jackies on the Reef for a yoga or meditation class, and of course, sunbathe on our famed seven mile beach.

Why is now a good time for travellers to visit the caribbean island?

In addition to increasingly available wellness offerings at our many resorts, a trip to Jamaica has never been more convenient. With flights from so many major US cities, and a new highway which cuts down driving time substantially, travelers can explore the island with ease. High season is wrapping up so low season prices, from April through August, are very attractive and resorts and major tourist attractions are less crowded.

Why does the JTB and Tmrw.Tday make a good team?

The JTB aims to support events that truly reflect Jamaica’s culture, so Tmrw.Tday’s commitment to musical excellence, sustainability and organic gastronomy makes it a great fit. We look forward to working with Tmrw.Tday to raise Jamaica’s profile as a health & wellness destination.

What do you hope to accomplish in year 1 at Tmrw.Tday?

The primary goal for partnering with events such as Tmrw.Tday is to entice more visitors to our shores, knowing that these visitors will likely fall in love with Jamaica and want to come back again.

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